Close to You EP

by The Couch

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Recorded, mixed, and master by Lars Goransson at Sounds Outrageous Studio
Artwork by Anthony Reynolds


released 05 May 2011

Taylor Wilkins-guitar and vocals
Kyle Robarge-bass and vocals
Jud Johnson-drums



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Track Name: Close to You
I have no winter bone, in fact I kinda hate the cold. The way it cuts my comfort and turns it blue.
Well I'd like to be close to you
We're a lick from the moon, a pale brother thats cold and smooth thats washing waves and water in a lunar tune.
Well I'd like to be close to you
Why'd you take my cloths darlin', its fine, but I would have gave them to you.
Theres a seam to this line of thinking, well I'd cut it open then I'd start a new.
Cus I'd like to be close to you
I accept the grim of youth, but when I ask god just tell me the truth.
I'd like to be close to you.
Track Name: Milk Thistle
I like the musk of your thistle and milk it drives me on and on for miles
Why should I repent the moons offense for taking back my shadow in a glance
oh I never had a chance..
Cus I'm not the culture that you need
I am the devil that you seek
thats me not trying to be mean
I'm not the comfort that you need
I am a lover who decieves
I'm not trying to be scene
Nobodys made of instant grace they have to praise the dirt just the same
Oh well my bodys home is a shell that owns a few hundred dollars flat and cold